Electric Meat Grinder Mincer Stuffie Sausage Filler Sauce Maker 2000W


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Product Description

SOGA meat grinder is a convenient, fast, easy and affordable way to grind and process your own meat. this is the ultimate tool for food enthusiasts and home butchers. essential for any kitchen; the electric meat grinder features a powerful motor and robust stainless steel cutting blade. take control of what goes into your food and make your own mince, sausages, and kibbe (kibbe is an Arab dish made of bulghur, minced onions and ground red meat) at home.

SOGA electric meat grinder has an impressive three blades perfect for any meat requirement. the fine blade is ideal for sausages, pates, and spreads. impress your friends at a BBQ by making your own burgers with the medium blade. Alternatively, use the coarse blade for more textured sausages, meat terrines, and kibbe.

High-quality performance is enhanced with our free accessories with the electric meat grinder including a food pusher, sausage adaptor, and kibbe attachment. not only does it do the job but it's stylish too. Premium stainless steel cutting blades complement the sleek black or white body of the meat grinder which looks attractive in any kitchen. transporting our electric meat grinder is easy and convenient with a carry handle and also features non- slip rubber feet for absolute safety. With detachable aluminum die-cast parts and removable tray, this is surprisingly easy to clean. the chief meat grinder has a high power 2000W motor for performance, but with low noise.

Accessories include:
Fine (3mm) cutting plate
Medium (5mm) cutting plate
Coarse (7mm) cutting plate
Food pusher
Sausage adaptor
Kibbe attachment

Also with stainless steel cutting blade, silver plate tube, carry handle, non-slip rubber feet


Powerful 2000W motor
Large Capacity
Stainless Steel Blades
Single Speed with Reverse Function
Aluminium Food Basin
3 Cutting Plates (Fine, Medium & Coarse)
Easy to Remove Grinder Cap
Sausage & Kibbe Attachments
Food Pusher
Non-Slip Rubber Feet
Kibble Attachment
Stainless Steel Cutting Blade
Silver Plate
Easy to Clean
Longer Durability
Color/Finish: Black
Competitive Price Around Australia Market


Length: 310mm
Width : 260mm
Height: 260mm
Weight: 4KG


Commercial Kitchen
Home Cooking

Package Includes:

1 X Meta Grinder
1 X Carton Box

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