Stay healthy at Home during COVID-19 lockdown

Our priority will remain on supporting our customers and satisfying your needs. We believe that it's our role and responsibility to do our best to ensure we can provide access to the products people need in this season.

Considering the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of practicing social distancing right now, we're all spending much more time indoors. In this uncertain and scary time, we will help you make the most of your time at home with your loved ones.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal. Start the day with a full belly, how about some egg rolls, pancakes, omelette, or patties for a cozy morning?

Achieve the perfect breakfast with our Cast Iron Pans

If you’re now working from home, take this opportunity to enjoy lunch with your family. Prioritize lean fresh protein like chicken, lean pork and white fish, which can be grilled.
Our Indoor Electric BBQ Grill with Hotpot will keep BBQ season alive even during quarantine - it can be more enjoyed partnered with your favorite soup.

Preparing dinner after work? Try our Pressure Cooker, it will help you save time and energy in preparing meals. Combines impressively fast cook times with the convenience of a hands-free cooking appliance. The healthiest thing is that it allows food to keep more of its nutrients plus the finished product tastes better, too.


Make this quarantine a productive one at home - develop your cooking skills and bring great comfort to the table!